Project 10, achieve your goals, 10lbs at a time!

A story is that; only a story. I did’t know I had a story, but maybe you’ll like my story, see something of yourself in my story.

I was not overweight growing up, never. I never thought I would be, but, 7 IVF’s later, a healthy, beautiful daughter and an extra 40 pounds, non existence of a metabalism and unable to lose any weight. I was obese.

Hi, I'm Sherri! This is me when I first tried tried the Vi-Shake on the left compared to how I look now.

Hi, I’m Sherri! This is me when I first tried tried the Vi-Shake on the left compared to how I look now.

Frustrated, angry and 10 years later, still fat, borderline diabetic. I had tried (I thought), everything when a friend shared Body By Vi and my life started changing, for the better. I lost 40 pounds of fat, jettisoned a bad marriage and found passion in my life again. I have since put on about 12 pounds of muscle. I find joy in my daughter, home life, work and friends.

Progress feels amazing

Progress feels amazing. I feel balanced and whole again.

I am currently working on Project 10. I am down 5 pounds, when I reach 10 pounds an obese child will be sponsered to receive 30 nutritional meals.

This is a cause I can get excited about every day.

What I do know, if I can do this so can you. It’s guaranteed. If you follow the plan and in 90 days don’t achieve your goal, the results are guaranteed. Now you really have nothing to lose, but the weight. By the way, it tastes, OMG good! Everything you need to help you succeed.

Project 10, no matter how much you have to lose, it starts with 10 pounds. You got this! Let me help you get started on your challenge, 10 pounds at a time.

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Now you have absolutely nothing to lose…but weight!

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